White House Stables
Contact: Nicole and Norman Wylie
Address: 9774 W Saanich Rd N Saanich, ,
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Phone: 250-656-8701
About Us
This beautiful North Saanich Heritage farm, with its turn of the century four square, simple white farm house welcoming all, and has seen thousands of birth since 1984 including children and now grandchildren, which drives us to do our very best to take care of our environment. A home to a wide range of animals over the years, with a core of generations of horses, cats, dogs and chickens. Not farmed since the 1940s, we have sought to raise soil fertility, water retention and are now adding shade [think heat dome!] into the mix.
We farm in thoughtful, sustainable and regenerative ways, never using any chemical inputs of any sort, as nature shows us that isn't a necessity. We grow food that is as nutrient dense and nourishing as possible for ourselves and our family, and slowly we are producing some food in quantities that allow us to share and sell some our as time allows. We are a mixed farm that has a constantly changing animal population, the animals are very important to the fertility of our soils. Animal husbandry is an area we take a pride in, making sure they are treated as nature intended, accepting that wild animals also need to survive, so take measures to try and avoid being the fast food outlet for the ravens, eagles, raccoons and mink in our area, mainly through the use of our livestock guardian dogs, Old Lizzie, Sheeba and Maggie, the young apprentice. They allow us to focus on pasture raised eggs and meat, using rotational grazing. The chickens, ducks and geese help keep the insect population somewhat under control as we rotate them through ares of fallow gardens and the orchard . Reliant on a well, as municipal water doesn't pass the property we have learnt to treasure water.