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May 25/26 Organic Spring Harvest BoxEggplant and Sweet Peppers - Suntrio Farm, Slicing Tomatoes, Lacinato Kale, Jalapenos - Northstar Organics (first of the year!), Herb Bunch (Thyme, Oregano or Lovage) - Joyful Agriculture, Radish Bunch - Saanich Organics

May 25/26 Spring Harvest BoxSage Bunch - Agua Dulce Farm, ORG Chard - Kildara Farm, ORG Mustard Greens Bunch - Littlest Acre Organics, ORG Slicing Tomatoes - Northstar Organics, ORG Radish Bunch - Saanich Organics, ORG Eggplant and ORG Sweet Peppers - Suntrio Farm

**Spring boxes will be heavy on leafy greens (arugula, salad mix, braising, spinach ) as these crops are ready in our region in spring. Other items expect are radish, hakurei, cucumbers, lettuce heads, and cilantro.

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