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September 29 Organic Island Box: Spinach, Celery, Dill- Northstar Organics,  Garlic- Suntrio Farm,   Sugarloaf Redicchio - Elemental Farm, Siberian Kale (Transitional) - Oloron Markert Farm, Pacific Chantarelles (Wildcrafted) - Forrest For Dinner  - All from IOPA Certified Organic Farms in the CRD.

September 29 Island Harvest Box: ORG Spinach, ORG Dill, ORG Celery - Northstar Organics, ORG Sugarloaf Radicchio - Elemental Farm, , ORG Garlic - Suntrio Farm, Carrots - Farm or Die, Pacific Chantarelles (Wildcrafted)- Forrest For Dinner

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