Two Crows Mustard
Contact: Jennifer M Takahashi
Address: 2553 Buckler Ave Victoria, BC, V9B 5V3
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Phone: 236-882-6654
About Us
Two Crows is founded on the principles of love and community. Food is love. It is at the centre of all we do with friends, family, and in our community. Two Crows spreads that love by sourcing ingredients from local producers and highlighting the brilliant entrepreneurs, small businesses, and micro producers who are our friends and neighbors.

Thank you for having Two Crows at your table, and for making it part of the love you spread.
Under the watchful eyes of the two crows who like to hang out in my garden — the two crows I quickly came to think of as my two crows — I developed recipes, did the research, and created Two Crows Craft Foods. My crows continue to delight in our daily routine, a routine that includes peanuts, seeds, and random pieces of fruit. They have been my constant companions, my sounding board, and the bearers of the occasional flower.