Feral Foraging
Address: 11- 845 Princess Avenue Victoria, BC, V8T1K7
Phone: 778-535-6690
About Us
Hi! My Name is Micah Barber and I am the Founder and Owner of Feral Foraging.
Born & raised on the tip of Vancouver Island, I’ve been fortunate to witness the plethora of different ecosystems that thrive around us.

My sprouting passion for harvesting wild food & medicine began seven years ago at age 20 while I was making my way up the ranks in my fine dining career as a chef. I was looking for change. I wanted excitement in regards to ingredient options. I knew there was a world out there separate from mass food suppliers. As many great achievements do ... they start with a thought and blossom with action.

That being said … I bought a Jeep. A reliable vehicle that could take me to the peaks of mountains and the muddiest of wetlands across the island and BC. Every new plant species or fungi I learnt about was sparked by “what’s on the other side of this hill?” or “what’s that pop of colour or peculiar shape amongst the green backdrop of the forest?”. I’ll never get tired of learning about the endless possibilities of the wild world.

Wild food harvesting has always brought a unique aspect to who I am as a person, and I find it intrigues people to learn more when they have a confident educator and chef who can transform these wonderful ingredients into a memorable experience.

I aim to educate people about the food that is all around us as we live our lives through the different seasons. Being a part of the South Island Farm Hub will help accelerate the exposure of the wonderful wild world we all live in. To connect us to ourselves, our communities, our land and our instincts.