Salt Spring Island Sprouts and Mushrooms
Address: 324 Stark's Road Salt Spring Islanf, BC, V8K 1M4
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Phone: 250-537-2220
About Us
Affordable, nutrient dense, organically grown sprouts, micro greens, & exotic mushrooms on Salt Spring Island, BC. Our sprouts are harvested and delivered within 24 hours making them extremely fresh, nutritionally vibrant, and giving them the longest shelf life possible. We grow all our sprouts aeroponically which reduces their ecological footprint by excluding the need for importing precious mined soils. This also produces the most succulent and flavourful sprouts available.
Salt Spring Sprouts is a small-scale food producing operation based on a 6.5 acre farm on Salt Spring Island. We grow a range of the freshest sprouts and mushrooms from certified organic, Canadian-grown, non-genetically modified seed and organic mushroom spawn to service the needs of gourmet restaurants, farmers markets, and grocery outlets in Victoria, Salt Spring, and the Cowichan Valley.

With an active role in the farming community, we bring great passion and knowledge to promote healthy relationships between people and place. Our commitment is to provide people with affordable, nutrient dense, fresh, organic food while maintaining a strong sense of integrity in our growing process, nurturing both human and ecological health. We reduce waste by catching our water and using it on field crops and trees, and turning our mushroom substrate and sprout roots into rich organic compost. You can often find Jacob (one of three owners) giving talks on fungus and permaculture in the Vancouver Island and Gulf Island region.