Saanich Organics
Contact: Heather Stretch, Rachel Fischer, Robin Tunnicliffe
Address: 1438 Mt Newton Cross Rd Saanichton, BC, , V8M 1S1
Phone: 250-818-5807
About Us
Saanich Organics is a community of farmers from small, certified organic farms, working together. Heather Stretch of Northbrook Farm, Robin Tunnicliffe of Sea Bluff Farm, and Rachel Fisher of Three Oaks Farm have co-owned the business since 2002.

We cooperate and support each other in many ways, and through Saanich Organics we get as much fresh, delicious, healthy, local, certified organic produce as we can to tables in and around Victoria. We sell at the Moss Street Market and the James Bay Market. Our wholesale division serves restaurants and grocery stores all throughout greater Victoria.
Certified Organic IOPA# 1105, 1920, 1952, 1606