Sea Cider Farm & Cider House
City: Saanichton, BC,
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About Us
Sea Cider Farms is a certified organic orchard, farm and ciderhouse located in Saanichton, BC. Over the last 14 years, our focus has been in producing small batched ciders using traditional cider-making methods and the best of B.C.'s apples! In 2020 we launched our non-alcoholic Temperance Series as there was definitely a demand for craft non-alcoholic beverages - a demand has only grown over the last 2 years.

Sea Cider's Temperance Series consists of non-alcoholic sparkling juices which are free of added sugars. With wellness in mind, we are excited to partner with the Family Caregivers Network of B.C. and a portion of the proceeds from our Temperance Series are donated to support the work they do.

Sociability, sustainability, and community involvement have been the three pillars of Sea Cider’s business philosophy and mission.
Sea Cider is focused on:

Growing apples organically
Making traditionally fermented artisan ciders
Promoting local agriculture on the peninsula
Supporting the local community
Providing high-quality cider, excellent service and encouraging visitors to the cider house for a ‘cider experience.’