Alderley Grange / Sandown Centre for Regererative Agriculture
Address: 5566 Alderley Rd Victoria, BC, V8Y1Y1
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Phone: 250-216-4751
About Us
We envision food production, programming and research rooted in ecological health and abundance.Our mission is to steward biodiversity, foster growers and engage community.

We acknowledge, with respect and gratitude, that we live and work as guests on the traditional territories of the L?k?????n and the WSÁNEC Peoples, whose connection with and stewardship of the land continue to this day.
Best practices in regenerative agriculture provide a great model for land management. The idea is simple: use the higher, better draining areas to grow crops that will thrive. Use the low wet areas to create an abundant wetland zone. In this wetland zone, establish plants that perform multiple jobs free of charge: slowing down water; filtering out contaminants; and creating habitats that support an abundance of beneficial insects-- including wonderful pollinators for the nearby crops!

The Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture will work in close partnership with The University of Victoria's Ecological Restoration program to plan, plant and establish a thriving wetland riparian zone.