Square Root Farm
Contact: Chrystal and Ilya
City: Victoria, BC,
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About Us
Organic farmers like us have committed to growing food in ways that minimize harm to the environment and that encourage biodiversity of both crops and wildlife. By farming organically we help to:

protect the health of us, our workers, and our neighbours
protect and promote biodiversity
protect water quality: Hagan Creek flows right beside our farm and straight out to Saanich Inlet
use less energy: small organic farms are energy efficient as well as highly productive
improve the health of the soil and its ability to produce food
reduce our reliance on food that travels too far

These are just a few of the reasons we believe farming organically is important.

We work truly hard to earn our organic status. Our organic certification means that we have made the objectives listed above a top priority. We certify with IOPA (Islands Organic Producers Association) our local, non-profit certification body. IOPA is small and local, and we love working with them.