Island Chef Pepper Co
Address: 939 Firehall Creek Rd Victoria, BC, V9C0A3
Phone: 226-926-7284
About Us
Island Chef Pepper Co. is a family owned business located on Vancouver Island. We are run by local Chef, Vince Capitano. Our hot sauces are hand crafted and the entire process is personally handled by Vince. It is our goal to ensure that our products provide a flavourful experience that enhances your favourite meal. From mild Serrano to intense Carolina Reapers, there is a sauce for every spice lover.
We are proud to be able to give back to our local culinary community. Island Chef Pepper Co. supports local brewery Category 12, located on the Saanich Peninsula. Their delicious beers are included in the finishing process of one of our main sauces, Pineapple Express, and all of our charity line. We are devoted to helping our local Culinary Federation Branch and have an entire line of sauces dedicated to them. We purchase our peppers from local farmers, produce suppliers, and even grow our own! We hope you find the love that is forged into every one of our products.