Fairweather Farm & Garden
Address: 1810 Glamorgan Rd, North Saanich, , BC, V8L 5S9
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About Us
Landscape horticulture tech and first-year-farmer, Lauren Fairweather is passionate about combating the climate crisis and delighted by the endless magic of plants. For her, stewarding healthy soils is all about interconnectivity, and is a meeting place of so many of her interests, from biodiversity and climate justice, to human health and delicious local food. Lauren is privileged to be growing on WSÁNEC territory at Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture, growing a mix of veggies, medicinal herbs and plants for textile dyes on a half-acre.
Regenerative low-till and chemical free practices, based on the foundational idea that healthy soil makes for healthy plants, healthy people and a healthy planet.