Maiiz Nixtamal
City: Victoria, BC,
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About Us
Chef Israel Alvarez Molina comes from a background where Nixtamal Tortillas are an essential part of every meal. After working as Chef de Cuisine at Pujol in Mexico City, one of the world’s best restaurants, Chef Israel moved to Canada in 2008. When he arrived in Canada, Chef Israel experienced a lack of identity through the loss of a vital connection to the cuisine of his heritage. The texture, aroma, flavour, and complexity of Nixtamal Tortillas was missing and along with it a sense of connection to culture. While trying to rebuild his new life as a Canadian, Chef Israel envisioned using his skills to bring the experience of Nixtamalized Corn to his new home. Using his knowledge of Mexican gastronomy as a foundation Chef Israel is showcasing the terroir of his home in the Pacific Northwest.