Island Eko Pantry
Contact: Jungyeon Han/Misako Ozawa
Address: 776 Fairview Road Victoria , BC, V9A 5V1
Phone: 250-580-3853
About Us
We are proudly crafting a small batch healthy Asian ferments and advocating Asian-inspired food culture in Victoria, BC. Our main products include flavoured miso (Ginger Miso, Leek Miso, Jalapeno Miso), Gochujang, and All-Purpose Gochujang Sauce. We also host online/in-person workshops to share our cultural heritages and offer learning experiences of how to make miso, kimchi, and more.
In addition to our 5 regular products, we introduce seasonal products utilizing local fresh produce. In May to June, we made Garlic Miso using local green garlic from West Coast Garlic, and in July, we offered Strawberry Gochujang using local strawberries from Galey Farms. We are always in search of collaboration with local farmers to create fresh, sustainable, and healthy foods! We are also committed to zero waste and eco-friendly practice. We use whole foods including seeds and skin and upcycle ingredients we use to make broth for secondary consumption. We refuse to use plastic packaging and accept returned jars from our customers to reuse them.